My sewn drawings are not just pictures, but objects with a powerful presence, bearing the marks of the intesive process that created them.
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Art Photography
Jeffrey Scott French:
2008 thru 2013: D. James Dee
pre 2008: Dan Dragan

Web Design
Fred Yee, Anne Finkelstein

Recommended Links

Book Artist
Esther K. Smith, who in 2007 turned me on to book-making

J Pasila:
Gerry Trilling:
Valeri Larko:
Amy Cheng:
LaThoriel Baudenhausen:
Richard Bottwin:
Barbara Ellmann:
Greta Gundersen:
Joan Grubin:
Pamela Matsuda-Dunnn:
Meredith Bergmann:

H. L. Hix:


Sewing Machine Companies

Harwitt Industries, where I bought my first industrial zig-zag sewing machine in
2002, before it moved to Long Island: map

Jado Sewing Machines in Long Island City, where I bought my second industrial
machine in 2010:

My sewing machines were made by Consew and are identical. They have different
model #’s because one is so much older than the other.


Criterion Thread:

Sil Thread:


The Best!!! Steinlauf & Stoller:


I don’t buy fabic online, but do buy it from stores that have a web presence,
and occasionally from catalogues, which also sell on-line:

B & J Fabrics in the Garment District, fabrics of all kind, much of it high-end:

P & S Fabrics on lower Broadway below Canal, all kinds of bargains:

Joe’s Fabric Warehouse on Orchard St, designer fabrics:

The Fabric Mill, in Plainview, Long Island, designer fabrics:

Boca Bargoons, designer fabrics in Florida, where I go to visit my 96-year-old uncle and my
brother and sister-in-law:

Hancock’s of Paducah focuses on quilters in its catalogue, but has a wider range on
its website:

Keepsake Quilting, another catalogue for quilters, sometimes has something I
can use:

Clothilde, one more catalogue with a big website, lots of notions: